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In traditional festival fashion

The Campsite

You can camp on the more than 1000 m² campsite adjacent to the castle and the site for the medieval market.

Attention: September days at Castle Finstergrün can be very nice and warm but the nights cool down a lot. Please bring enough warm clothing and blankets along!

To maintain appearances, it would be great if your tent had a medieval feel to it but it is not actually required, Also, we would like to ask you to leave modern equipment, like TV’s, radios, laptops and so on, at home if possible. We don’t want the enchanted atmosphere to be disturbed by modern sounds and equipment. Just leave the today behind you for a few days!


The Trappings

There is running water and mobile toilets. To all likelyhood we will also have camping showers for the really hardend ones among you. You can, of course, also use the facilities inside the castle. Camping as well as sleeping inside the caslte offer the rustic charm one would expect from an authentic medieval and Fantasy event. If you are looking for modern comforts, we are happy to provide you with the details of nearby hotels!

Important: As there is only very limited parking at the castle, you will have to leave your cars in the parking spaces provided in the village. We will pick up your luggage, so you only have to carry yourself up the hill!