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Workshops, lectures and discussion panels

Discover new and fun things to do!


You have always wanted to learn how to fletch arrows, sew your own medieval garments, forge your own armour or jewellery? You want to practise your sword fighting, dance a roundelay or shoot with a bow and arrow like Duilin, son of Duinhir? This and much more will be offered by our workshop providers at the “Old Forest Festival”!



From Romans to Knights Templar, herbalism to the intricate relationships of the peoples of middle earth, Wolfgang Hohlbein reading from his newest book… There will be many interesting topics for lectures! It will be difficult to choose just one!

Discussion panels

Right, first of all it was Elrond with the help of Gandalf and not Arwen who summoned the “water horses”, secondly, there were at least two people who could have been the “real” Robin Hood and anyways, there are certainly many topics which can be discussed a comfortable and friendly setting!

Be a part of it all

You can do something, know something, you have something to offer? We are looking for workshop providers, speakers, traders, historical reenactors and all those, who want to enrich our festival with their presence! You are interested? Please fill in the application form and send it back to us as fast as possible!

Who does what?

Susanne Herwelly

Susanne Herwelly

Member of Tanzebôm

Several dance workshops

Worhshop provider / speaker

Worhshop provider / speaker

Your enthusiasm at our festival!

Apply to become a workshop provider and/or speaker



Medieval band

Several music workshops



Organisation for historical fencing, medieval stage combat and living history

Fighting with the long knife and with the Longsword