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Concert Tanzebôm

As soon as we have decided which Band will be playing at what time, we will let you know here and on the program page.


Tanzebôm is a young, dynamic music group who set themselves apart from regular market music. Through passion and skill, we bring new life to the music of medieval times, the Renaissance and early baroque. We reinterpret medieval songs after our very own tanzebôm”ian” style! This is why sometimes some Reggae will sneak into a Branle or some Sufi will meld with an hymn to Mary. Added to this are pieces, which are very close to the original medieval music. We have some original instruments like the Fiddle, Lute, Cittern, Frame Drum, Gamba, Bagpipes, Nai, Jew’s harp and many more. This is how we achieve a wide sound spectrum from quiet, intimate pieces to lively dance music. Market goers dance, experts will be in awe and we are just as much at home on a large stage as we are at a small cosy home setting.


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