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Concert rhiannon

As soon as we have decided which Band will be playing at what time, we will let you know here and on the program page.


The roots of project “rhiannon” lie within the timeless fascination emanating from historical and traditional instruments. Once the versatile and powerful timbre fade, a momentum develops that no partaking musician can elude, which is a good thing as in the beginning there was the fire!

Historical festivities and Medieval markets have always created a suitable setting for exposing our experiments to willing listeners and also for us modern-historical minstrels to collect a multitude of impressions and experiences during the direct contact with our audience. On this basis we have always had the constant intention to paint a comprehensive picture of the versatile possibilities of expressing historical music and to present the right audience with a diversified menu.

Through the use of different instruments and the interpretations of a variety of songs, we hope to create something that excites and fascinates us (and you) as much as it did our colleagues of past centuries – Variety and Vibrancy.

And since all living things a governed by change and evolution, music should not ignore this if it wants to retain vitality. Thus, the initial approach to reproduce historical music has throughout the years been complemented by musical independence and a fondness of experimenting which has led to our supplementing our Band name with the sentence “music in medieval minstrel tradition” as we do not strive to play authentic medieval music but to interpret, compose and develop the music freely, letting the sound and the mood dictate the direction it takes.


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