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Concert Freyspiel

As soon as we have decided which Band will be playing at what time, we will let you know here and on the program page.


The band purposely avoids the “typical” medieval instrumental ensemble with bagpipes and pipes. FREYSPIEL’s allure lies within a versatile interpretation using Violin, Cello, Lute, Didgeridoo, Flute, Guitar, and Vocals. Our repertoire ranges from medieval song, influenced by Celtic and Irish Folk music, our own arrangements of well-known bands to our own compositions. We cover a wide variety of music from calm and melancholy tunes to electrifying rock songs.

In accordance to our name, we aim to bring a sense of “freedom”, joyousness, playfulness, passion, and enthusiasm to the stage, but also touch the soul with magical sounds.


Source: Freyspiel

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