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Concert Fatzwerk

As soon as we have decided which Band will be playing at what time, we will let you know here and on the program page.


In a time when a grasshopper was still 2 metres tall and horses still had 0.8 horsepower, a Neanderthal thought to himself that it would be great to build himself a large drum and make music with it.
In  a time where knights in armour where exposed to their own stench and the damsels were wearing chastity belts a lord of the castle grabbed his bagpipes and struck up strange tunes.
In a time where technical discoveries sprung from the ground like mushrooms, where steam engines where refurbished into time machines, Rudolf Diesel’s assistant took his Mandola and drew from it the most delicate sounds.
In a time when shrill clothing and weird hairdos near blinded you, and the whole world dance to Disco music, a Disco boy grabbed his Tambourine and Darabuka in order to get down and jiggy with it.
In a time that hasn’t come to pass yet, that is yet to be, a time traveller a medieval instrument that he would henceforth would use to make an awful noise.
And because of a time anomaly those five people found each other and became


The rest is history… or will become history?!



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