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Partners and Sponsors

Dear potential Sponsors and Partners,

for the “Old Forest Festival” to be a success, we need reliable partners and well-intentioned patrons. No matter how much heart and soul goes into the festival, without your support we will not be able to bring history closer to the people, nor will we be able to stimulate their imagination and instead of becoming a fixed event and part of history, it will enter history as a mere dreamers notion. Please help us turn the festival and the medieval market into the focal point of the “Lungauer” event calendar.

Your advantages as a Sponsor

Ahead of the festival/market

  • As a sponsor, your logo will appear on any printed promotional material like posters and flyers which will be put up and handed out at medieval festivals around Europe as well as the tourist information points in, for example, the Lungau.
  • The festival has several web presences, among them it’s own Website (which of course you are currently on) and Facebook. Our pages are regularly updated and we send out new information via a Newsletter. Our Sponsors are mentioned in our news section and our Blog and are listed on this page under the «Partners and Sponsors» section, which, again, you are currently reading.
  • When mentioned in the local and genre specific media, we will, whenever possible, mention our sponsors.

At the festival/market

  • All sponsors will be listed on the very large banners at the entrance areas. The size of the sponsors logo corresponds to the value amount of the sponsorship.
  • In addition, gastronomy-sponsors will be mentioned at all food venues.
  • Maybe you have your own wishes or ideas? We could, for example offer a special workshop for your employees (blacksmithing, fletching arrows, archery or maybe a medieval dance workshop) Turn our festival and medieval market into a getaway destination for your employees!

How you can support us:

Media partnership

With a strong partner at our side a lot of possibilities are open to us in respect of the advertising and presentation of the “Old Forest Festivals”. A media partnership draws attention of the entire agglomeration onto the festival and thus onto its sponsors and we will, of course, happily include you in our advertising materials

Merchandise Sponsorship

Do you offer an innovative product that you want to present to and at our market? Do you want to increase the awareness of your product range? Then a merchandise sponsorship is the right solution for you.

Financial sponsorship

Present yourself to the public as an advocate of culture. Our medieval and fantasy spectacle is anticipated by many from that scene. The residents in the greater Ramingstein are also looking forward to it with excitement and we are confident, that the event will receive the attention that it deserves!

Who are we?

We are “Societās”, a non-profit organization with the goals of promoting and maintaining the medieval traditions, of the promotion of national and international meetings and cooperation with the principles of international understanding, of supporting and promoting events relating to the arts and literature, in particular Fantasy literature and the organization of events and presentations with just these topics.
History should not only consist of annual figures in textbooks. History is exciting and alive. And in today’s world, imagination and creativity are almost as important as the air we breathe. With much enthusiasm, we are committed to ensuring that we live up to this conviction and reflect that at our festival and the medieval market.

Our Philosophy

The author Lloyd Alexander said: “Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.” 

and Hans-Friedrich Bergmann said: “He, who does not know the past, can not understand the present. Whoever does not understand the present, can not make the future.

The “Old Forest Festival” is the perfect mixture of the wondrous imaginations of the fantasy world and the authentic manners and customs of medieval times.

The many attractions for children and adults will make our festival an adventure for the entire family. Visitors of the medieval market don’t have to pay an entrance fee, our income in generated by the paying weekend guest and through our sponsors. We don’t want to make a profit. Should there be a profit at the bottom line we intend to donate it the castle “Finstergrün”. We simply want to make the “Old Forest Festival” into something, that will be a positive memory in people’s minds and that it will become a fixed appointment in the event schedule of years to come.