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The Organisation Societās

We are “Societās”, a non-profit Organisation with the goals of promoting and maintaining the medieval traditions, of the promotion of national and international meetings and cooperation with the principles of international understanding, of supporting and promoting events relating to the arts and literature, in particular Fantasy literature and the organization of events and presentations with just these topics.
History should not only consist of annual figures in textbooks. History is exciting and alive. And in today’s world, imagination and creativity are almost as important as the air we breathe. With much enthusiasm, we are committed to ensuring that we live up to this conviction and reflect that at our festival and the medieval market.

If you want to support us, then become a member of Societās!

Which advantages do our members have?

  • 5% Discount on the tickets for the “Old Forest Festival”
  • A free subscription to the organisations magazine. First issue will be November 2017, then it will be published bi-annually.

We hope to be able to provide you with additional advantages in the future. You will be informed immediately when we manage to wrestle something up!

The membership fee is €20 per year for adults over 16 years of age. Children and Teenagers under 16 pay €12 annually.

Why become a member?

Whether active or passive, membership comes in many forms. Of course, an undertaking of this scale takes a lot of preparation, organisation and helping hands. Maybe you have something to offer? Maybe you have an idea and this would be the way for you to implement it? Or maybe you just want to help get this project started? Especially in the beginning there are a lot of costs for example advertising.

Your membership fee can help cover these!

Account Details:

Account Holder: Societas – Mittelalter- und Kulturverein Vorderhornbach

IBAN: AT40 2050 9000 0022 9187



You want to become a member?

Please fill in the forme below and send it of to us. We will get in touch as soon as possible regarding further steps..

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