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Sleeping in the Castle

A journey into the past…

The Bed Chambers

You can sleep comfortably in rustically furnished dormitories, equipped with bunk beds and many authentic details.

Attention: The castle conforms to youth hostel standards. It is not a hotel! It is very likely, that you will have to share your room with “strangers”.

Important: The rooms can’t be locked; therefore, we ask you to leave valuables at home or bring something along that they can be locked in. There is also the possibility to have your valuables locked in the castles office but there is of course only a limited amount of space.


The Trappings

The toilets are along the halls mostly near the sleeping chambers. It makes sense to identify the one closest to you ahead of time. There are also two separate wash/shower rooms for males and females.

The castle is at the centre of all the action. Directly adjacent are the Stage and the venue for all the performances, a few steps further is the campground and the area where the medieval market will take place. The rustic ambience is completed through quaint lounges and dining rooms, features such as the Great Hall, the chapel and the “Stüberl” as well as the castle’s beautiful inner wards.