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How to get there

Burg Finstergrün - Das Festivalgelände

Directions - Public Transport

The castle can be reached with the Murtalbahn from Tamsweg resp. Unzmarkt. (Station Ramingstein, Train resp. Bus of the Steiermärkischen Landesbahnen, itinerary at
Unzmarkt is on the ÖBB train route Wien-Villach. The ride with the “Murtalbahn” through the beautiful landscape is a real adventure in itself and is a wonderful start or finish to your journey. Exact train times and information can be found on the websites of the “ÖBB”, of “Postbus”, “Tälerbus” and the “Steiermärkischen Landesbahnen”. The route from the train station in Ramingstein to the castle takes about 15 minutes by foot and is uphill. Your luggage will be picked up with our luggage shuttle.

Salzburg is covered by the €29 Spartickets (saver fare) and the Bayern (Bavaria) Ticket of the Deutsche Bahn!
If required, we can organise a tour bus from Salzburg. Additional costs of approximately €20 per person and trip are incurred and there is a minimum of 30 people required, who want to use this service. We can give you exact prices and itinerary once we know how many of you want to use this service.

Directions - Car or Bus

Coming from the east, the best route is via Bruck/Mur, St. Michael/Obersteiermark, Judenburg, Scheifling (turn towards Murau/Tauernautobahn), Murau, Ramingstein.
Coming from the west/north, you travel via Salzburg, Tauerntunnel, St. Michael/Lungau, Tamsweg, Ramingstein.
Coming from the south, your journey takes you via Villach, Spittal, St. Michael/Lungau, Tamsweg, Ramingstein – or via the Turrach.

Because of the very narrow and windy road going up to the castle, busses cannot drive up and have to be parked in the parking places provided and signposted in Ramingstein.
Cars also have to be parked in the village as the parking capacities near the castle are very limited. Parking will be signposted.

Luggage will be picked up and brought back down by the castles very own luggage shuttle!

If the walk up to the castle, which should take approximately 15 minutes uphill, is too difficult due to health reasons, there is the possibility for individuals to be picked up by car. Please contact us for more information. >